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Gospel Meeting with Donnie Rader. October 28-30, 2022


Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow.

2009 Sermons

Listed below are sermons preached at Palmer Road in 2009 in MP3 format 


The name of the speaker precedes the sermon topic.

December 2009

Jeremy Jones--Don't Take Your Helmet Off
Jeremy Jones--Building Lessons from Haggai

Jeremy Jones--Giving From Our Spiritual ATM


November 2009

Jeremy Jones--Living Righteously in a Wicked World

Jeremy Jones--A Tale of Three Cities

Jeremy Jones--Being Right In My Own Sight

Jeremy Jones--How to Make Yourself Miserable

Jeremy Jones--The Lord's Mercy


October 2009

Chris Stuve--Reading With Understanding

Sermons from the October 2009 Gospel Meeting


September 2009

Joe Stuve--Why is the Gospel Good News

Frank Wiser--Thus Sayeth the Word

Terry Faul--Take Heed What you Hear

Lewis Montgomery--Following Jesus

Joe Baker--Grow in Grace


August 2009

Matt Hewlett--Lest We Hinder the Gospel

Chris Stuve--Being a Good Person

Justin Witt--Strength In Numbers

Joe Stuve--Challenge of Being Brethren


July 2009

Justin Witt--Love From/For Us

Terry Faul--Forgetting

Lewis Montgomery--Christ is Calling

Joe Baker--Prayer


June 2009

Jeff McLean--Unity

Justin Witt--The Dangers of Poverty & Wealth

Joe Stuve--Hold Fast


May 2009

Chris Stuve--You Can Make It

Terry Faul--How Real is Your Faith

Frank Wiser--What is the Most Important Thing in Your Life

Matt Hewlett--Distractions

Lewis Montgomery--Looking to Jesus


April 2009

Joe Baker--Zeal

Chris Stuve--No Pulpit Like the Cross

Joe Stuve--Do You Fear God?

Terry Faul--Believing in God vs Believing God


March 2009

Scott Parker--Is a Makeup Supper Part of the Plan

Scott Parker--On Your Knees Saying Please

Joe Stuve--Men Who Understand

Justin Witt--A Different God


February 2009

Scott-Parker--A Wealthy Fool

Scott Parker--Cradle to the Grave and Beyond

Scott Parker--Two Wise Men

Scott Parker--Was Peter the First Pope?


January 2009

Scott Parker--What Team Do You Play For?

Scott Parker--The Fourth Commandment

Scott Parker--The Parable of the Soils

Scott Parker--What a Widow