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2008 Sermons

Listed below are sermons preached at Palmer Road in 2008 in MP3 format 

The name of the speaker precedes the sermon topic.


January 2008

Scott Parker--When You're Where You Don't Want to Be

Scott Parker--The Sinner's Snare

Scott Parker--A Simple Definition

Scott Parker--Parents Pleasing to God


February 2008

Scott Parker--The Ship So Many Sink

Scott Parker--God's Little Gifts Part 1

Scott Parker--God's Little Gifts Part 2


March 2008

Joe Stuve--The Faith of Gideon

Scott Parker--WANTED Part 1

Scott Parker--What Willfully Missing the Assembly Means

Scott Parker--Barak Obama is not a Christian

Scott Parker--Why Did God Choose Mary


April 2008

Chris Stuve--God's Little Children

Frank Wiser--Heed the Warnings

Terry Faul--Pearl Harbor Christians


May 2008

Joe Baker--May Be Not of This World

Joe Stuve--I Can't Believe It

Justin Witt--Hating Sin


June 2008

Scott Parker--Wanted Part 3

Scott Parker--Wanted Part 2

Scott Parker--What Do You Do?

Scott Parker--The Sign Out Front Means Nothing

Scott Parker--The Devil's Best Kept Secrets


July 2008

Scott Parker--Exposing Eternal Security

Scott Parker--Learning to Curb our Tongues

Scott Parker--How to Have Safe Sex

Scott Parker--Turning Blessings into Curses


August 2008

Scott Parker--How Does the Holy Spirit Work

Scott Parker--Excuses

Scott Parker--The Massacre of the Innocents

Joe Stuve--Haggai

Scott Parker--How Would You Respond?


September 2008

Scott Parker--What Wise People Do

Scott Parker--Fools and Their Folly

Scott Parker--It's Not How You Start

Scott Parker--Why We Fight Like We Do


October 2008

Joe Stuve--Dig a Little Deeper

Scott Parker--The Empty Tomb

Scott Parker--A Sure Path to Heaven

Scott Parker--Answering an Oft Asked Question


November 2008

Scott Parker--Should Christians Drink Intoxicating Drinks?

Scott Parker--The New National Pastime

Scott Parker--Institutionalism

Scott Parker--The Social Gospel

Scott Parker--Mechanical Instruments of Music


December 2008

Scott Parker--Ready and Willing

Scott Parker--Modern Day Tongue Speaking

Scott Parker--Go and Do Likewise

Scott Parker--Big Brother with Big Problems