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Gospel Meeting with Donnie Rader. October 28-30, 2022


Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow.

2017 Sermons


December 2017

Joe Stuve--Questions Man Asks God
Joe Stuve--Questions Worth Asking
Anthony Motley--Baalam
Joe Stuve--Demons
Joe Stuve--Jesus Was Real

November 2017

Joe Stuve--Did Jesus Exist?
Joe Stuve--Taming the Tongue
Joe Stuve--Christianity is a Taught Religion
Joe Stuve--He Walked Away

October 2017

Joe Stuve--Faith and Works
Joe Stuve--The Sermon on the Mount
Joe Stuve--Daniel: Ready For A Challenge
Joe Stuve--Respect For Authority
Anthony Motley--Strong Faith

September 2017

Joe Stuve--Bible Authority
Joe Stuve--Jesus, Our Wagon Master
Joe Stuve--Why Did We Say I Do
Anthony Motley--How Will You Be Remembered

August 2017

Joe Stuve--After We Say I Do
Joe Stuve--Before I Say I Do
Joe Stuve--Hope
Joe Stuve--John 3:16

July 2017

Joe Stuve--Everyone's Doing It
Joe Stuve--Humility
Joe Stuve--Mary's Devotion
Joe Stuve--What Makes Us Different
Joe Stuve--Soul and Spirit

June 2017

Joe Stuve--Shadows to Come
Joe Stuve--We Must Overcome
Joe Stuve--The Suficiency of the Scriptures
Gospel Meeting Sermons by Donnie Rader

May 2017

Joe Stuve--Memorial Day
Joe Stuve--Draw Closer to God
Joe Stuve--Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Joe Stuve--You Call Yourself Christians

April 2017

Joe Stuve--How To Deal With Problems
Joe Stuve--Biblical Evidence
Joe Baker--Why People Fall Away
Joe Stuve--This Generation
Joe Stuve--This Is Our Story

March 2017

Joe Stuve--Walk the Path
Joe Stuve--The Greatest Story Ever Told
Joe Stuve--AH HA Moments
Joe Stuve--Refuting AD 70

February 2017

Joe Stuve--Colossians
Joe Stuve--High Places
Joe Stuve--Digging Deeper
Joe Stuve--Our Enemies

January 2017

Joe Stuve--Anger Part 3
Joe Stuve--Anger Part 2
Joe Stuve--Anger Part 1
Don Newcomer--Be Careful Who You Marry
Joe Stuve--Temporary vs Eternal

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