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Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

2015 Sermons


December 2015

Joe Stuve--Men Working
Joe Stuve--Can God Fix This?
Joe Stuve--Being Spiritual
Joe Stuve--Is God Good or Evil?

November 2015

Joe Stuve--Finishing Well
Joe Stuve--Thanksgiving
Jim Rice--Walking Through the Dark Valley
Chris Stuve--For Thou Art With Me
Ramiro Zuniga--Live to Honor God
Joe Stuve--Walking with God
Joe Stuve--Being Good Stewards
Joe Stuve--What Have I Done?

October 2015

Joe Stuve--It's Time to Rebuild
Joe Stuve--God's Mercy
Joe Stuve--The Holy Spirit
Joe Stuve--How to Sleep Better

September 2015

Joe Stuve--Wine Pt 2
Ethan Manners--The Last Grain of Sand
Joe Stuve--Wine Pt 1
Joe Baker--One Church

August 2015

Joe Stuve--In Case of Emergency
Joe Stuve--Joseph & Mary
Joe Stuve--Bible Authority
Joe Stuve--A Good Heart
Joe Stuve--Reward of Heaven

July 2015

Joe Stuve--Jereboam's Religion
Joe Stuve--When Opposition Comes
Joe Stuve--We Must Obey God Rather Than Man
Joe Stuve--Freedom In Christ

June 2015

Joe Stuve--The Book of Jude, part 2
Joe Stuve--The Book of Jude, part 1
Joe Stuve--Stay in the Game

May 2015

Joe Stuve--Acceptable Prayer
Joe Stuve--Christians Need to Stop

Gospel Meeting:

Joe Baker--Doing God's Will
Terry Faul--The Reason Jesus Came

Lewis Montgomery--The Need to Do God's Will From the Heart
Chris Stuve--The Consequences of Not Doing God's Will
Frank Wiser--The Rewards of Doing God's Will

Joe Stuve--Things Set Before Us
Jim Rice--What Can Sin Do For You?

April 2015

Joe Stuve--We Are Royalty
Joe Stuve--The Greatest Mystery
Joe Stuve--Habits of Trusting in God
Joe Baker-- Baptism

March 2015

Joe Stuve--Ignorance
Jim Rice--Sin
Joe Stuve--Doubt
Joe Stuve--Fear
Joe Stuve--Worry

February 2015

Joe Stuve--Shadows
Joe Stuve--The Message of Peter
Joe Stuve--The Message of John

January 2015

Joe Stuve--The Message of the Ressurection
Joe Stuve--The Message of the Cross
Joe Stuve--The Home-Children
Joe Stuve--The Home-Parents


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