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Gospel Meeting with Donnie Rader. October 28-30, 2022


Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow.

2014 Sermons


December, 2014

Joe Stuve--Women Speaking in the Church
Joe Stuve--Moving the Landmarks
Joe Stuve--Last Will & Testament of Jesus
Joe Stuve--What Did Jesus Give?

November, 2014

Chris Stuve--Jesus-Our Passover Lamb
Joe Stuve-Thanksgiving
Joe Stuve--The Ugliness of Sin
Joe Stuve--Low Self Esteem
Joe Stuve--God Is Not Like Us

October, 2014

Joe Stuve--You Know Not What You Ask
Gospel Meeting--Christianity and Islam
Joe Stuve--Church History

September, 2014

Joe Stuve--The Thief on the Cross
Joe Stuve--Shrewd People of God
Joe Stuve--Remember This Part 3

August, 2014

Joe Stuve--Remember This Part 2
Joe Stuve--Remember This
Steve Roy--A Final Exhortation to Palmer Rd
Joe Stuve--Overcoming Depression

July, 2014

Joe Stuve--Is All of Life Worship?
Joe Stuve--Tithing/Giving
Joe-Stuve--The Sadducees

June, 2014

Steve Roy--Hermenutics
Joe Stuve--The Pharisees
Joe Stuve--The "Settle For" Mentality
Joe Stuve--The Lord's Return

May, 2014

Joe Stuve--True Repentance
Joe Stuve--Jesus The Vine
Gospel Meeting with Jeff May
Joe Stuve--Jesus The Way

April, 2014

Joe Stuve--The Minor Prophets
Jim Rice--Homosexuality
Joe Stuve--Jesus the Good Shepherd

March, 2014

Joe Stuve--Jesus The Light of the World
Joe Stuve--Jesus The Bread of Life
Joe Stuve--The Good of Satan
Joe Stuve--The Old Law
Joe Stuve--An Investment In You

February, 2014

Steve Roy--Repentance
Joe Stuve--Faith
Joe Stuve--Creation
Joe Stuve--Jesus-A Personal Savior?

January, 2014

Steve Roy--Does What We Believe Matter?
Joe Stuve--Drawing Strength From Others
Joe Stuve--A Look Back At Last Year

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