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Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

2013 Sermons



December, 2013

Joe Stuve--Authority in Inference
Steve Roy--Contentment
Joe Stuve--Authority in Examples
Joe Stuve--Authority in Commands
Joe Stuve--The Need for Authority

November , 2013

Joe Stuve--Living for Today
Joe Baker--Spiritual Rewards
Joe Stuve--The Heart of a Christian
Joe Stuve--The Ressurection

October, 2013

Joe Stuve--Why I Joined the Church of Christ
Terry Faul--Man's Greatest Problems
Joe Stuve--T.U.L.I.P
Gospel Meeting--Steve Klein Preaching

September, 2013

Steve Roy--Loving too Much
Joe Stuve--Resolving Conflicts
Joe Stuve--Is the Church Drifting?
Joe Stuve--Has God Spoken to You?
Joe Stuve--Zeal

August, 2013

Steve Roy--Judging
Joe Stuve--Why Are We Different?
Joe Stuve--Harvest Time
Joe Stuve--Persecutions

July, 2013

Joe Stuve--Demon Possession
Joe Stuve--The Power of God
Steve Roy--Hypocricy
Joe Stuve--Revelation-Part 2

June, 2013

Joe Stuve--Revelation-Part 1
Joe Greer-Reverence in Worship
Joe Stuve--The Victory of Gideon
Gospel Meeting with Greg Gwin
Joe Stuve--What Happened to Demas?

May, 2013

Joe Stuve--Issues with Homosexuality
Joe Stuve--On the Porch with Jesus
Joe Stuve--Setting Goals to Reach Heaven
Joe Stuve--How to be Successful

April, 2013

Joe Stuve--Compromises in Egypt
Joe Stuve--Thinking Myself Happy
Joe Stuve--Saving Faith

March, 2013

Joe Baker--Faith
Joe Stuve--Do You See God?
Joe Stuve--Why We Don't Have a Pope
Joe Stuve--Making Application
Joe Stuve--Would We Believe

February, 2013

Joe Stuve--Some Rejoice, Some Weep
Joe Stuve--The Message Of The Cross
Joe Stuve--Lest We Forget
Joe Stuve--The Humility of Jesus

January, 2013

Joe Stuve--The Silence of the Scriptures
Joe Stuve--Preach the Word
Joe Stuve--Spiritual Blessings
Joe Stuve--Why Do We Believe

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