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Gospel Meeting with Donnie Rader. October 28-30, 2022


Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow.

2012 Sermons

December 2012

Joe Stuve--The Story of God's Love
Joe Stuve--Angels
Joe Stuve--Hope In God
Joe Stuve--Consequences of Sin

November, 2012

Joe Stuve--In Emergency, Call
Joe Stuve--Joy in Temptation
Joe Stuve--Who is God?
Joe Stuve--Are You Prepared?

October, 2012

Joe Stuve--Relevance of the Bible
Joe Stuve--Lessons From Jonah
Gospel Meeting with Dave Brewer

September, 2012

Steve Roy--Gossip
Joe Stuve--The Lord's Prayer-Part 2
Joe Stuve--The Lord's Prayer-Part 1
Joe Stuve--A Letter to the Church
Joe Stuve--Justification

August, 2012

Joe Stuve--Zaccharias
Joe Stuve--Politics
Joe Stuve--Thankfulness
Joe Stuve--Repentance

July, 2012

Joe Stuve--God is the Potter
Joe Stuve--How's Your Image
Joe Stuve--Covetous
Joe Stuve--Premillenialism

June, 2012

Joe Stuve--Christ Persecuted
Joe Stuve--Role of Children
Joe Stuve--Role of Women
Joe Stuve--Role of Husbands

May, 2012

Joe Stuve--Attack on the Home
Joe Stuve--Unity
Sermons from the May, 2012 Gospel Meeting by David Arnold
Joe Stuve--Times of Trial

April, 2012

Joe Stuve--April 29, 2012
Joe Stuve--Judge Not
Joe Stuve--The Cross
Joe Stuve--Heros of Faith

March 2012

Joe Stuve--Evolution vs. the Bible
Joe Stuve--Seek and Save the Lost
Joe--Stuve--Let Your Light Shine
Joe Stuve--More Than I Expected

February 2012

Joe Stuve--Expecting Less
Joe Stuve--Are You Prepared
Joe Stuve--Hell
Joe Stuve--Heaven

January 2012

Matt Hewlett--What It Takes To Obey
Joe Stuve--John The Baptist
Joe Stuve--Following The Pattern
Joe Stuve--Boasting
Joe Stuve--Why Do You Believe


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