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Gospel Meeting with Donnie Rader. October 28-30, 2022


Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow.

2010 Sermons

December 2010

Justin Witt--Two Religions
Justin Witt--Blessed Are The Persecuted
Joe Stuve--Aim High
Justin Witt--Blessed Are The Peacemakers

November 2010

Justin Witt--Blessed are the Pure In Heart
Justin Witt--Blessed Are the Merciful
Justin Witt-Blessed Are Those Who Hunger
Justin Witt--Blessed are the Meek

October 2010

Justin Witt--Blessed Are the Mournful
Justin Witt--Blessed Are the Poor
Justin Witt--The Choices We Make
Justin Witt--Don't Stop Short
Justin Witt--Prepare Your Hearts

September 2010

Sermons from the 2010 Gospel Meeting
Justin Witt--Happy
Justin Witt--Success
Justin Witt--Seek

August 2010

Jim Rice--To Drink or Not To Drink
Justin Witt--The Passover
Justin Witt--Overcoming The Lion
Justin Witt--Old Man/New Man
Justin Witt--Ears to Hear

July 2010

Justin Witt--What Happens Next
Justin Witt--Repentance
Justin Witt--Deuteronomy 8
Justin Witt--Why Follow Jesus?

June 2010

Justin Witt--Would You Preach to Saul?
Justin Witt--Our King
Joe Stuve--Sinners Have A Past & Future
Justin Witt--Fear

May 2010

Justin Witt--Faith
Justin Witt--Legalism
Justin Witt--What Will You Do Today?
Justin Witt--Baptism
Justin Witt--A Body to Take Care Of

April 2010

Justin Witt--A Lesson Learned
Justin Witt--God Is Good
Justin Witt--A Sure Thing
Justin Witt--Fleeing Egypt

March 2010
Justin Witt--Following God's Way
Justin Witt--What Do You Know?
Justin Witt--You Are Not Alone

Justin Witt--Josiah Heard

February 2010
Justin Witt--Preach the Word
Justin Witt--God's Word Is Enough
Justin Witt--Will Grace Alone Save You
Justin Witt--Good Things Happen to Bad People

January 2010
Justin Witt--Be Fruitful
Justin Witt--What's Your Price

Justin Witt--The Problems In Judges
Justin Witt--Faith
Justin Witt--Light

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2008 Sermons

2007 Sermons