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Gospel Meeting October 26-28

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Please join us at our regular meeting times on Sundays at 10 am with Bible study to follow and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

2019 Sermons

April 2019

Joe Stuve--Things to Remember
Joe Stuve--The Holy Spirit

March 2019

Joe Stuve--No Try In Christianity
Joe Stuve--The Decisions of Lot
Joe Stuve--Jesus The Way
Joe Stuve--Parable of the Sower
Joe Stuve--Making Converts for Christ

February 2019

Joe Stuve--Spiritual Warning Signs
Joe Stuve--Can a Christian Participate in Marijuana
Joe Stuve--What Can I Do To Increase My Congregation's Faith
Joe Stuve--What Can I Do to Increase My Family's Faith

January 2019

Joe Stuve--How Can I Increase My Faith
Joe Stuve--Lord Increase Our Faith
Joe Stuve--Does God Hear Sinner's Prayers

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