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The following studies are available for viewing on our web page.  These studies can also be downloaded per lesson.

Feel free to use these studies for your personal use or congregation.  We welcome this opportunity to share with you our studies in the Bible. 

We offer these studies not only for our members use but also for those who wish to study along with us. 


In downloading these files we assure you your personal information will remain confidential and no one will call or visit you unless you request it.



 Past Studies


The Gospel According to John - View

Sunday & Wednesday (2nd Qtr 2003)


Revelation - View

Sunday & Wednesday (1st Qtr 2003)


How We Got the Bible - View

(4th Qtr 2002)


Ezekiel - View / Download

Sunday (2nd Qtr 2002)


Learning to Love our Spouse - View / Download

Wednesday (2nd Qtr 2002)


Worship - View

Sunday & Wednesday (1st Qtr 2002)


Galatians - View / Download

Wednesday (4th Qtr 2001)


Jeremiah - View / Download

Sunday (4th Qtr 2001)


Bible Interpretation - View

Wednesday (3rd Qtr 2001)


Isaiah - View

Wednesday (2nd Qtr 2001)


A Taste of the Psalms - View

Wednesday (1st Qtr 2001)


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