It was the last hour in the darkest day of Judah's history and the message that Jeremiah had to bear was breaking his was a message of sorrow and doom; for swift and sudden destruction was coming upon the people of God (Jer. 2:1-25:38)!  But, amidst all the gloom there was one promise of hope that looked to THE FUTURE RESTORATION OF ISRAEL AND THE NEW COVENANT (Jer. 30:1-33:26 cf. 23:5,6)!!!  Behind the teachings of Jeremiah lies the law of Moses and the Exodus event which the prophet extensively utilizes in his work (especially the book of Deuteronomy).  Because Israel had failed to keep the covenant of the Lord, the time was coming when a new covenant would be made with the restored remnant and it was in this fact alone that Jeremiah found peace in the face of overwhelming sorrow!


Jeremiah - Download Series

(Session #1)

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(Session #2)

Chapters 5 thru 8 - View



(Session #3)

Chapters 9 thru 12 - View



(Session #4)

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(Session #5)

Chapters 17 thru 20 - View



(Session #6)

Chapters 21 thru 24 - View



(Session #7)

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(Session #9)

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(Session #12)

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(Session #13)

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Session 1 - (Chapters 1 - 4)



1: 1-10   When did the word of the Lord come to Jeremiah? How did he feel about the    Lord using him as a prophet? What was he appointed to do?






1: 11-19  What is the lesson of the almond rod? The boiling pot? What word of encouragement did the Lord give to Jeremiah as he began his work?







2: 1-19  What was Israel's relationship with the Lord in the beginning? After all that the Lord did for Israel, what did they do? What "two evils" had God's people committed? What had happened to Israel which God said they had "done to themselves"? Despite this, to whom did they turn for help?







2: 20-37   What figure of speech is used to describe Israel's unfaithfulness? How would the Lord respond when they turned to Him when they were in trouble? What had been the result of the Lord's chastening? Did Israel feel that they were guilty? What was going to happen to them?







3: 1- 10  Why wasn't God listening to Judah when they turned to Him and called? What had happened to Israel? How did Judah react to this?






3: 11-24  What would the Lord do for faithless Israel if they returned? What would all nations do? Israel and Judah? What did God expect His relationship with Israel to be like? What happened? Yet, what was God willing to do? What was the "shameful thing" that had consumed Israel? (cp. Hos 9:10)







4: 1-18  What affect would Israel's repentance have on the nations? What did the Lord say that Judah must do to escape His judgment? How is the Lord's judgment described?






4: 19-31   What did Jeremiah see and hear which brought him great anguish? For Jeremiah's anguish, see Lam 1:15-19 (notice use of "my"); 2:11-12, 3:48-51.






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Session 2 - (Chapters 5 - 8)



5:1-19  Why would God not pardon Jerusalem? What kind of destruction would God execute on them? Who would God use to execute His judgment? What were the false prophets saying?






5:20-31  What evidence had the Lord given Judah to cause them to fear Him and tremble? Describe the heart and lifestyle of the people of Judah. What appalling and horrible thing had happened in the land?






6:1-15  Why does the Lord warn men to flee Jerusalem?  Why is the Lord punishing her? Why would they not heed the Lord's warning?






6:16-30  How could the people of Judah find rest for their souls? How did the people react to the Lord's watchmen?  Why were their sacrifices unacceptable?  Describe the enemy coming from the north.  What kind of people had Judah shown themselves to be through Jeremiah's work of testing?







7:1-20  What deceptive words did Judah trust in? What happened in Shiloh that should serve as a lesson to them? (cp 1 Sam 4:1-11) Why was Jeremiah not to pray and intercede for the people?






7:21-34  Judah brought the Lord sacrifices, but what was it that He had always wanted from them? Why was this the "generation of the Lord's wrath" and what would the Lord do to them in His wrath?






8:1-12 Why would the bones of Judah's leaders and Jerusalem's residents be brought out of their graves?  What amazes the Lord about His people's behavior?  Had Judah's religious leaders been any help?  Why not?  What will happen to them?








8:13-22 What figures are used to describe the Lord's judgment of Judah? Why is Jeremiah's sorrow beyond healing and his heart faint?





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Session 3 - (Chapters 9 - 12)



9:1-16 List some of Judah's sins which caused Jeremiah to weep and caused the Lord to punish them and lay their cities waste.  What was the Lord's answer when He was asked why the land was laid waste?






9:17-25 What were the women of Judah to teach their daughters to do?  Why?   What should a man boast of?  Why would Judah be judged right along with the uncircumcised?






10:1-10 Why is idolatry of the nations delusion (vanity)?





10:11-25 Contrast God and idols.  What were those under siege told to do?  Who did the Lord hold responsible for the destruction and scattering of Judah?  How did Jeremiah want God to use His wrath?







11:1-13 What were the words of God's covenant with Israel?  What was Jeremiah instructed to preach in the streets of Judah and Jerusalem?  Why was the Lord bringing disaster on them?






11:14-23  Why was Jeremiah not to pray for his people?  What did the Lord make known to Jeremiah, how did he react to this, and what was the Lord going to do about it?







12:1-13  What did Jeremiah pray would happen to the wicked?  What was the Lord's answer?







12:14-17  What would the Lord do to those who struck His people?






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Session 4 - (Chapters 13 - 16)



13:1-14  What was the lesson from the linen waistband?  The wine jug?






13:15-27  What will happen if Judah does not listen?  How will Jeremiah feel about this? What would the Lord say to Judah when they asked, "Why have these things happened to me?"






14:1-9  What did the Lord bring on Judah because of their sin? (cp. Deut 28:24)




14:10-22  Why was Jeremiah not to pray for Judah?  Was God more lenient because they had been deceived by false prophets?  As he grieved over his people's destruction, what was his plea to God? (cp. Lam 5)






15:1-9  What four kinds of doom were coming that even Moses' and Samuel's prayers could not stop? (cp. Lam 3:41-44)  What had Manasseh done in Jerusalem? (see 2 Chron 33:1-9)  Describe the anguish that God, who was tired of relenting, inflicted on His unrepentant people.






15:10-21  Describe how Jeremiah was persecuted, how he dealt with it, his prayer, and the Lord's answer.





16:1-13  What did God tell Jeremiah that he could not do?  Why?  What was he to answer when the people asked, "For what reason has the Lord declared all this great calamity against us?






16:14-21  What would God do for Israel after He banished them to the land of the north? What would the nations one day confess?






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Session 5 - (Chapters 17 - 20)



17:1-11  How "permanent" was Judah's sin and what would be the consequences? Contrast the man who trusts in man with the man who trusts in the Lord.  How does the Lord decide how to punish/reward man?






17:12-27  How did Judah react to Jeremiah's preaching?  How did he respond to his persecutors?  What will happen if Judah keeps the sabbath?  Fails to keep the sabbath?






18:1-12  What was the lesson the Lord revealed at the potter's house?  How would Judah respond to it?




18:13-23  What "appalling thing" had the virgin of Israel done?  Why would those who passed by their land be astonished?  What plans were made against Jeremiah? What was his prayer?






19:1-9  Why did the Lord want Jeremiah to preach in the valley of Ben-hinnom?  What did God say would happen to this place in the future?  What would happen in Judah and Jerusalem?






19:10-14  What was the message of the shattered earthenware jar?





20:1-6  What did Passhur do to Jeremiah?  Why?  What was his name changed to and why?





20:7-18  Describe the many different feelings Jeremiah had because of the persecution he received.




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Session 6 - (Chapters 21 - 24)



21:1-7  Why did King Zedekiah send men to Jeremiah?  What was the Lord's answer to Zedekiah?





21:8-14  How could residents of Jerusalem save their lives?  How could king's household avoid God's wrath?





22:1-12  What was the Lord's message to the king's house?  Specifically, what was predicted about Shallum (Jehoahaz)? (cp. 2 Chron 36:1-4)





22:13-30  What were Jehoiakim's sins and the consequences? (cp. 2 Chron 36:4-6) What judgment did the Lord pronounce against Coniah (Jehoiachin) and his descendants? (cp. 2 Chron 36:8-10) Could Jesus ever be a prosperous king in Jerusalem as pre-milleniallism teaches? (cp. Mt 1:12-16)






23:1-24  What was the Lord's message of judgment and hope to the shepherds of Israel?  How were the "prophets" and priests living?  Compare the "prophets" of Samaria and the "prophets" of Jerusalem.  What would the Lord do to the "prophets"?  What did the Lord tell His people about them?







23:25-40 Why was the Lord against the "prophets"?  Describe the difference between their word and His.  What was the "oracle of the Lord" given to Jeremiah? What would happen because men said they were speaking "the oracle of the Lord" when they were not?






24:1-10 When did Jeremiah see the vision of the two baskets of figs and what did it mean?





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Session 7 - (Chapters 25 - 28)



25:1-11  What was the result of Jeremiah's 23 years of preaching (and the preaching of other prophets)?  Therefore, what was the Lord going to do to Judah and Jerusalem?






25:12-38  What would God do to Babylon 70 years after He used them to punish his people?  Who else would drink of the cup of God's wrath?  Why?  What did God say to the shepherds?







26:1-9  What did Jeremiah preach in the court of God's house as Jehoiakim began to reign?  What happened when Jeremiah finished speaking?






26:10-24  What did the priests and prophets say about Jeremiah?  Jeremiah's response? What did the officials all the people, and then some of the elders say?  Who protected Jeremiah? (cp 2 Kgs 22:12-14)







27:1-11  What was Jeremiah to put on his neck?  What message was he to give to Edom, Moab, Ammon, Tyre, and Sidon through their messengers which came to king Zedekiah?






27:12-22  What was the word of the Lord to king Zedekiah?  To the priests and all the people?





28:1-11  What did Hananiah prophesy?  What did Jeremiah tell Hananiah would be proof that he was a true prophet of God?  Then what did Hananiah do?






28:12-17 What was the Lord's response to Hananiah? How could the people see that he was false and Jeremiah

was true?





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Session 8 - (Chapters 29 - 32)



29:1-14  What was the word of the Lord through Jeremiah to those already in captivity in Babylon?




29:15-32  Despite what the "prophets" in Babylon were saying, what was going to happen to the residents of Jerusalem?  What was the word of the Lord concerning the false prophets Ahab and Zedekiah?  Concerning Shemaiah?





30:1-11  What was the good news about Israel and Judah that the Lord told Jeremiah to write in a book?  How was the raising up of "David the king" fulfilled?





30:12-24  Contrast what was in store for Judah in the near future with what the Lord would bless them with later.  Who came as their leader, one whom the Lord brought near and was able to approach Him?





31:1-26  Pick out some words which speak to the Lord's character and the great blessings which lay ahead for those who survived the sword of Babylon, for example "love", "hope", etc.





31:27-40  What proverb would not be true in Israel any more?  In what ways was the new covenant to be different than the covenant the Lord made with Israel when He brought them out of Egypt?  How sure could Israel be about their continuation as a nation and the rebuilding of Jerusalem?







32:1-25  What business transaction did the Lord have Jeremiah make and what was its meaning?  How does Jeremiah's prayer show that he really believed "Nothing is too difficult for Thee"?  Yet, what caused him to wonder about making a business transaction at that time?






32:26-44  How did the Lord explain to Jeremiah how that they would one day buy fields despite the impending doom on Jerusalem and the surrounding area at that time?






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Session 9 - (Chapters 33 - 36)



33:1-13  Describe the blessings which God would give to Judah and Israel after their destruction.





33:14-26  What promises were made to the families of David and Levi and how sure were those promises?






34:1-7  What was the word of the Lord about the future of Jerusalem?  Of Zedekiah?





34:8-22  What sin did the people of Jerusalem commit?  What was God going to do to them because they broke the covenant?





35:1-11  What did Jeremiah tell the Rechabites to do?  Why wouldn't they?





35:12-19  What lesson did God teach Judah and Jerusalem using the example of the Rechabites?  Therefore, what would happen to Judah and Jerusalem?  The Rechabites?






36:1-19  What did the Lord want Jeremiah to write (using his scribe Baruch)?  Why did the Lord want it read to the people at His house on a fast day?  How did the officials react once they heard the message?






36:20-32  How did King Jehoiakim react to the scroll?  What was Jeremiah to do?  What would be the consequences to King Jehoiakim for what he did?






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Session 10 - (Chapters 37 - 40)



37:1-10 Zedekiah didn't listen to the word of the Lord, but what did he want Jeremiah to do?  What message did Jeremiah send back to him about Egypt's help against the Chaldeans?





37:11-21 What was Jeremiah accused of and what happened to him? When did Zedekiah send for him?  What was the word of the Lord to Zedekiah?  Where did Zedekiah send him and how did he care for him?





38:1-13 What further persecution did Jeremiah suffer and how was he rescued? Compare his prayer (Lam 3:52-66)





38:14-28 How did the Lord say that Zedekiah and the city could be saved? Why was Zedekiah afraid to obey the Lord and what assurance was he given?  How did Zedekiah keep Jeremiah safe?





39:1-10 How long was the siege against Jerusalem? (see Lam 4 for the horror!) After the wall was breached, what happened to Zedekiah? To the city? To those who had surrendered? To some of the poorest?





39:11-18 What happened to Jeremiah? To Ebed-melech?




40:1-6 What choice did Nebuzaradan give to Jeremiah? What was his choice?




40:7-16 Who came to Gedeliah and how did things go for the Jews under his oversight? What news did Gedeliah receive about Ishmael and how did he react to it?



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Session 11 - (Chapters 41 - 44)



41:1-10 What did Ishmael do to Gedaliah? To eighty men from Shechem, Shiloh, and Samaria? To the remnant of the people left in Mizpah?




41:11-18 What happened to Ishmael and the captives after Johanan and his forces came to fight Ishmael?




42:1-6 What request did Johanan and all the people make of Jeremiah? What (seemingly) was their commendable attitude?




42:7-22 What did the Lord say would happen to the people if they stayed in the land? If they went to Egypt?




43:1-7 What did Johanan and all the leaders of the people decide to do with all the remnant of the people whom Nebuchadnezzar had left in Judah?




43:8-13 What did the Lord have Jeremiah do and say in Tahpanhes at the entrance of Pharoah's palace?




44:1-14 Despite the Lord's destruction of Judah and Jerusalem, how were the Jews living in Egypt?  Therefore, what was the Lord going to do to them?




44:15-30 How did the people respond to Jeremiah's message from the Lord? Why did they think they had suffered so much? Why did Jeremiah say that calamities came on them? What did he tell them to do? Then what would the Lord do? What was the sign He gave that His word would stand?



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Session 12 - (Chapters 45 - 48)



45:1-5 What did Baruch say to the Lord? How did the Lord answer him?





46:1-12 What was the word of the Lord to Pharaoh Neco of Egypt when he went against the Babylonians by the Euphrates River at Carchemish? If you can, look in a Bible encyclopedia or dictionary and see what you can learn about this battle.






46:13-28 What were the "people of the north", the Babylonians, going to do to Egypt? What did the Lord promise Jacob? How would He treat them differently than the nations where He had driven them?






47:1-7 Who was the "sword of the Lord" going against? Where would the Lord's instrument of judgment come from? Describe their coming and the reaction they produced in the land. If you can, look in a Bible encyclopedia or dictionary and find out how this promise of judgment was fulfilled.






48:1-47 As you read the Lord's word concerning Moab, look for and write down 1) the reasons why He is bringing judgment on them, 2) the extent of Moab's destruction and suffering, 3) Jeremiah's feelings about Moab's destruction , and 4) words of hope for Moab's future.







If you can, look in a Bible encyclopedia or dictionary and find out what became of Moab. How did the Lord "restore their fortunes in the latter days"?



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Session 13 - (Chapters 49 - 52)


49:1-22 What was the Lord going to do to Ammon?* Why? What did the Lord plan against Edom?* Why?


49:23-39 What will the Lord do to Damascus*? to Kedar and Hazor?* to Elam?*



50:1-20 Who was the Lord going to raise up against Babylon?* Why? How complete would their destruction be? What had happened to Israel and Judah? Why? Yet, what did God promise them?



50:21-46 Comment further on: 1) the people God would use to destroy Babylon, 2) the reason God was destroying them, 3) the completeness of their destruction, 4) what this would mean for God's people.



51:1-32 Again, what was God doing for His people by destroying Babylon? Who will be Babylon's destroyer?  Contrast Jacob's God with the gods of men. How did God view Babylon at that time? Yet, when He was done with them, what would He do? How long would the city be desolate? Describe what would go on in the city on the day of its fall.



51:33-64 What would Zion's inhabitant cry? How would God respond? How would God bring down the mighty Babylonians? Describe Babylon after her fall and the nations' reaction. What would happen to Babylon's broad walls and high gates? What reason for Baylon's fall is emphasized? When was this message written? What help would it be for God's people? Where was Seriah to read the message and what was he to do with it once he was finished?




52:1-16 This chapter is exactly the same as what other chapter in the O.T.? Describe Jerusalem's fall.



52:17-34 What spoil did the Chaldeans carry to Babylon? What did Nebuchadnezzar do to some of those captured in Jerusalem's fall? How many were taken into exile? What happened to Jehoiachin?



* If you can, find out how the prophecies against these nations were fulfilled. Make notes on the other side.


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