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How we got the Bible

by Alan Jones



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Lesson One:  The Chain of Communication from God to You

Lesson Two:  A Look at the Bible's Claim of Inspiration

Lesson Three:  A Look at the Bible's Inspiration: External Evidence

Lesson Four:  A Look at the Bible's Inspiration: Internal Evidence

Lesson Five:  History of Writing, Writing Materials, Languages of the Bible

Lesson Six:  Circulation and Collection of the Old Testament

Lesson Seven:  The Process of Old Testament Canonization

Lesson Eight:  Historical Confirmation of the Old Testament Canon

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Lesson Nine:  Should the Old Testament Apocrypha be a part of the O.T. Canon?

Lesson Ten:  The Old Testament Apocrypha Continued

Lesson Eleven:  Evidence for the Old Testament Text

Lesson Twelve:  The Old Testament Text and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Lesson Thirteen:  Circulation and Collection of the New Testament

Lesson Fourteen:  The Process of New Testament Canonization

Lesson Fifteen:  Evidence for the New Testament Text

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Lesson Sixteen:  Reasons for the Textual Variants (O.T. & N.T.)

Lesson Seventeen:  Number and Significance of Textual Variants (O.T. & N.T.)

Lesson Eighteen:  Creating a Standardized Text (O.T. & N.T.)

Lesson Nineteen:  Some "Significant" New Testament Textual Variants

Lesson Twenty:  The History of Our English Bible

Lesson Twenty-one:  The History of Our English Bible Continued

Lesson Twenty-two:  Review of Some English Versions

Lesson Twenty-three:  How to Choose Your Bible



Archer, Gleason. A Survey of Old Testament Introduction

Geisler, Norman and Nix, William. A General Introduction to the Bible

Lightfoot, Neil. How We Got the Bible


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