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This book is named after the prophet whose writing it records - Ezekiel.  Ezekiel was both a priest and a prophet (Ezk. 1:3) and his book is definitely written from the priestly point of view!  The prophet ministered during the darkest days of Judah's history: the 70 year period of Babylonian captivity.  Ezekiel went down into captivity in 597 B.C. along with King Jehoiakin (Ezk. 33:21; cf. 1:1-2; 40:1 and II Kg. 24:11-16).  His prophecy began around 593 B.C. and ended around 570 B.C. (Ezk. 1:2 and 29:17-21; 40:1).  We know little about Ezekiel the man except that his wife died at the time of the fall of Jerusalem (Ezk. 24:18) and when taken to Babylon he lived in his own home at Tel Abib on the Great Canal (Ezk. 1:1; 3:15; 8:1).  There is absolutely no reason to doubt the authenticity of unity of the book of Ezekiel.


As with most prophets, Ezekiel's message was one of condemnation and consolation.  But, Ezekiel utilized the medium of apocalyptic visions and symbols to dramatize the message of the Lord.  He did so to impress the exiles with the seriousness of their failure to accept personal responsibility for their sins.  In doing this he demonstrated God's justice and the very reason for the exile.  In God's holy justice, not only will Israel be judged but so will all the nations.  All of this is so that "they will know that God is the Lord" (a significant phrase that is found over fifty times in the book)!  But beyond all of this is the glorious hope for the future renewal and restoration of Israel and Judah (Ezk. 36:1-39 cf. 34:1-31)!!!


Book Outline:


I.     The Call and Commission of Ezekiel     Ezekiel  1:1 - 3:27

II.    The Prophecy Against Judah                Ezekiel  4:1 - 24:27

III.   The Prophecy Against the Nations       Ezekiel  25:1 - 32:32

IV.  The Restoration of Israel                      Ezekiel 33:1 - 48:35


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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 1-3   pdf format

Session 1 - (Chapters 1 - 3)


  1. As the hand of the Lord first comes upon Ezekiel, what do we learn about him? When the Lord appeared to him? Where he was? 1:1-3




  2. Describe the four living beings ("creatures"- KJV) which Ezekiel saw, as well as what was in the midst of them. 1:4-14 How do they compare to those in Revelation (4:5-9)




  3. Describe the wheels and their relationship to the four living beings. 1:15-21




  4. What was over the heads of the four living beings? What was over this? How did Ezekiel react when he saw these things? 1:22-28





  5. Who did God send Ezekiel to preach to? What kind of people were they? Was this to stop his preaching? What was he to eat? How did God equip him to preach to those who would not listen to him? What lessons can we learn from this section? 2:1-3:11






  6. Where did the Spirit take Ezekiel? What role did God tell Ezekiel that He had appointed him to? What would happen if he did not fulfill his responsibility? If he did? What lesson is there here for us? 3:12-21




  7. While at the plain, what did Ezekiel see and what did God tell him? 3:22-27.





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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 4-6   pdf format

Session 2 - (Chapters 4 - 6)



  1. What was Ezekiel to do to illustrate the siege that the Babylonians would make against Jerusalem? 4:1-8



  1. What was Ezekiel's diet to illustrate? 4:9-17



  1. What was Ezekiel to do with his hair and beard? 5:1-4



  1. What lesson was Ezekiel teaching by his actions with his hair and beard? Why were these things going to happen? 5:5-12




  1. What would God's people know after His wrath was spent? 5:13-17




  1. Why did God tell Ezekiel to prophecy against the mountains of Israel? When God smashed Israel's idols and slew the idol worshippers, what would those who survived His judgment know? 6:1-7





  1. What would the remnant who escaped and were scattered among the nations know? What would they understand and how would it make them feel? 6:8-10




  1. Again, what would cause Israel to know that God is the Lord? 6:11-14




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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 7-9   pdf format

Session 3 - (Chapters 7 - 9)




  1. What was coming on the land? Why? 7:1-13



  1. In what way would God's wrath be displayed outside the city (Jerusalem)? Inside the city? Describe the survivors. 7:14-19




  1. Name some specific sins of God's people. How would the people react when God brought disaster upon them because of their conduct? 7:20-27




  1. Where did Ezekiel "go" by way of vision? What did he see in the various locations the Spirit brought him, along the way to the inner court of the Lord's house? 8:1-18




  1. What was the job of the man clothed in linen with a writing case (inkhorn) at his loins? The job of the other five "men"? (cp. Rev 7:2-3; 9:4)  The glory of God moved from where to where? 9:1-7




  6.   How did Ezekiel react to the slaughter in the temple? What was God's answer?     9:8-10





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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 10-12   pdf format

Session 4 - (Chapters 10 - 12)



  1. What would be the significance of the man clothed with linen filling his hands with coals of fire from between the cherubim and scattering them over the city? Who was this "man"? 10:1-2, 6-7



  1. Trace the movement of the cherubim (living beings 10:20, cp ch 1) and the glory of the Lord in this chapter.  What was significance of this? 10:3-5, 15, 18-19




  1. What was the attitude of the leaders in Jerusalem? So what did God have Ezekiel to prophecy in response? What happened as soon as Ezekiel prophecied? How did Ezekiel react? 11:1-13




  1. What good news did the Lord give to Ezekiel as he was in despair about Israel? 11:14-21




  1. Where did the cherbim and the glory of the Lord go now? What was the significance of this? Where did the Spirit bring Ezekiel? 11:22-25




  1. What did the Lord tell Ezekiel to do so that Israel perhaps could realize that they were a rebellious house? 12:1-7




  1. What explanation of his actions was he to give to the people? 12:8-16




  1. Then what was he to do and say? 12:17-20




  1. What proverb would no longer be used in Israel? Why not? 12:21-28



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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 13-15   pdf format

Session 5 - (Chapters 13 - 15)


  1. Where did Israel's prophets get their message? Who did they tell Israel that it came from? What had they failed to do for Israel? Therefore, what did God say about their future? 13:1-9





  1. What was the prophets' message to Israel? What did God liken this kind of preaching to? What would happen to the prophets' "work"? 13:10-16






  1. Why was God against the "prophetesses" of Israel? What would God do to them? What had their message done to the righteous? To the wicked? 13:17-23






  1. What had the elders done? Therefore, what answer would the Lord give them when they inquired of the "prophet"? What would God do to both inquirer and prophet? Why? 14:1-11





  1. If Noah, Daniel, and Job were in a country that God sent famine, wild beasts, sword, or plague against, who could these righteous men save? Why couldn't they deliver their sons or daughters? 14:12-20






  1. How would the survivors of God's four severe judgments against Jerusalem comfort those already in exile in Babylon when they arrived? 14:21-23







  1. What are the inhabitants of Jerusalem compared to? What would the Lord God do to them? Why? 15:1-8





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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 16-18   pdf format

Session 6 - (Chapters 16 - 18)


  1. Describe Jerusalem's birth, God's care for her until she grew up, and God's marriage to her. 16:1-14




  1. Despite Jerusalem's marriage to God and all the blessing which came with it, what did she do? 16:15-29




  1. How was Jerusalem different than a harlot? 16:30-34




  1. What consequences will Jerusalem face for her harlotry in God's wrath and jealousy? 16:35-43




  1. How did Jerusalem compare to Samaria and Sodom? 16:44-59




  1. Despite Jerusalem's harlotry and God's judgment which fell on her because of it, what would God do with her following His judgment of her? 16:60-63





  1. What was the Lord's parable and what did it mean in regard to Zedekiah? 17:1-21 In regard to the future of Israel after God's judgment on Zedekiah? 17:22-24




  1. What proverb would Israel stop using? What was the meaning of the proverb? Who will "die"? 18:1-4




  1. The behavior of three generations is told. What will happen to the righteous grandfather? The wicked son?  The righteous grandson? Can the reward of righteousness be passed from generation to generation? Can the punishment of the wicked be passed from generation to generation? 18:5-20





  1. What happens when a wicked man repents? When a righteous man turns to wickedness? What did God plead with the house of Israel to do? Why? 18:21-32





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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 19-21   pdf format 
Session 7 - (Chapters 19-21)
  1. Tell the meaning of the the story of the lions by comparing it to the history of the kings of Judah. 19:1-9



  1. How does the figure of a vine in a vineyard explain the reason for lamentation in Judah? 19:10-14



  1. Describe the abomination of Israel's fathers in the land of Egypt. 20:1-9



  1. Describe the abomination of Israel's fathers in the wilderness. 20:10-17



  1. Describe the abomination of the next generation of Israel's fathers in the wilderness. 20:18-26



  1. In each of the above cases (questions 3-5), why did God restrain his anger? 20:8-9, 13-14, 21-22



  1. Describe the abomination of Israel's fathers once God brought them into the promised land. 20:27-29



  1. So, why wouldn't God be inquired of by these elders of Israel? 20:1-4, 30-32



  1. What would God's judgment do for Israel? 20:33-44



  1. What would God do to the Negev? How did the people react to what Ezekiel was saying? 20:45-49



  1. Who was the sword of the Lord coming against? Describe His sword. How did Ezekiel show the people how they would react when the sword came? 21:1-17



  1. Who will use the sword of the Lord? Where will the sword come? Will either people believe it will happen? What would happen to the prince of Israel's crown? Until when (cp Gen 49:10)? 21:18-32





QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 22-24 -  pdf format
Session 8 - (Chapters 22-24)
  1. Before the Lord sent His judgment on Jerusalem, he told Ezekiel to let the city know their abominations. What were these abominations which were the cause of their destruction and scattering? 22:1-16





  1. What illustration did the Lord use to explain His judgment on the house of Israel? 22:17-22





  1. What were the sins of the prophets? The priests? The princes? The people? 22:23-31





  1. Who was "Oholah"? What had she done from her youth? So, what did God do to her? 23:1-10





  1. Who was "Oholibah"? Did she learn from what happened to her sister? What did she do? What would God do in His jealous wrath? 23:4,11-35





  1. What were the abominations of "Oholah" and "Oholibah"? What would God do to them so that they would know that He is the Lord God? 23:36-49






  1. What parable did Ezekiel speak to the rebellious house on the day which the king of Babylon laid siege to Jerusalem? 24:1-14





  1. What lesson did Ezekiel teach by how the Lord had him to react to his wife's death? What would happen to Ezekiel on the day when those who escaped Jerusalem came to him in Babylon? 24:15-27

QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 25-28 -  pdf format
Session 9 - (Chapters 25-28)
  1. What was going to happen to Ammon? Moab? Edom? Philistia? Give the reason for God's judgment on each nation. 25:1-17






  1. List Ezekiel's detailed predictions concerning God's judgment on Tyre. 26:1-14







  1. How will the nations who have known Tyre's greatness react to her fall? 26:15-21





  1. Summarize Tyre's situation in the world and how they felt about themselves because of it. 27:1-25





  1. What would happen to this great sea-trading nation? Again, how will men react? 27:26-36





  1. List some reasons God brought judgment on Tyre. 28:1-19





  1. What would God do to Sidon? Why was He against them? 28:20-24




  1. What did the future hold for the house of Israel? 28:25-26




QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 29-32 -  pdf format 
Session 10 - (Chapters 29-32)
  1. What attitude of Egypt led to their downfall? 29:3, 9-10



  1. What would the Lord do to Egypt? For how long? 29:4-5, 8-12



  1. What would happen to Egypt after this judgment? 29:13-15



  1. What had been the relationship between Israel and Egypt? What would it be in the future? 29:6-7, 16



  1. Why did the Lord give Nebuchadnezzar the land of Egypt? 29:17-20



  1. How did the Lord make a "horn" sprout for the house of Israel? 29:21 (see Ps 132:17; Lk 1:67-71)



  1. What will happen to Egypt's allies? To the Nile canals? To Egypt's idols? To their prince? 30:1-19



  1. What was Pharoah's situation when Ezekiel spoke? Was it going to get better or get worse? 30:20-26



  1. Describe the Assyrian kingdom. Yet, what had the Lord done to it? The Lord's lesson to Egypt? 31:1-18



  1. What did Pharoah compare himself to? What did God compare him to and what would He do to Him?  How would the nations react to this? 32:1-10




  1. What would God do to the waters of Egypt? What would be the result? 32:11-16



  1. Where were the hordes of Egypt headed? Who else would be there? What had these done in the land of the living? Yet, what happened to them? Would Pharoah be any different? 32:17-32




QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 33-36 -  pdf format
Session 11 - (Chapters 33-36)
  1. How was Ezekiel's work as a prophet like a watchman? When would he bear responsibility for the death of the wicked? 33:1-9




  1. What is the spiritual condition of the righteous man who commits sin? The wicked man who repents of his wickedness? Why did Ezekiel's fellow-citizens say that "the way of the Lord is not right"? 33:10-20





  1. What happened when refugees from Jerusalem brought Ezekiel the news that the city had been taken? What was the attitude of the survivors in Israel? What did God have to say about this? How did Ezekiel's fellow-citizens react to his preaching? 33:21-33





  1. Describe the failure of Israel's shepherds. What was the Lord going to do about it? 34:1-10





  1. How was the Lord going to shepherd His sheep? Contrast this with Israel's shepherds. How does this passage point to the Good Shepherd, Jesus the Christ? 34:11-31





  1. List the sins of Mt. Seir (Edom). How was God going to deal with them because of these things? 35:1-15





  1. What did Ezekiel prophecy to the mountains of Israel? 36:1-15




  1. What did unclean Israel do wherever they were scattered by the Lord's judgment? Why then did the Lord act to bless them? What would He do for them? What kind of people would He cause them to be? 36:16-37





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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 37-39 - pdf format 
Session 12 - (Chapters 37-39)


  1. At the beginning of chapter 37 we find Ezekiel in the middle of a valley. What was there? What question did God ask? What did God tell Ezekiel to do? 37:1-6




  1. What happened when Ezekiel did as he was commanded? Is there significance in the bones coming together "bone to bone?" If so, what? What was the end result? 37:7-10




  1. What did the bones represent? What was the prevailing attitude? What was this to do for them? 37:11-14




  1. What did God tell Ezekiel to do with two sticks? What was he to tell those who asked about the two sticks now having become one? How did the captivity cure them of idolatry? How was David going to be their King and their prince? 37:15-28




  2. In chapter 38 Ezekiel is to prophesy against Gog. What was Gog and those with them going to do? Who would "bring them out?" What evil plan formed in their mind? 38:1-13




  3. Why did God bring Gog against His land and people? What would be God's reaction? 38:14-23




  4. What would be the result of Gog's assault? What was God's role and purpose? What would be the role of the people of Israel? 39:1-10





  5. What was Israel to do with the dead? Why? How long? What was Ezekiel to tell every kind of bird and every beast of the field? After the defeat of Gog what would Israel know from that day forward? 39:11-22




  1. What would the nations know about Israel's exile? What would God restore? What would they forget? 39:23-29



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QUESTIONS ON EZEKIEL 40-48 - pdf format

Session 13 - (Chapters 40-48)



  1. What do we call the type of writing used in these chapters? (This style of writing was also used in ch. 38-39)


  1. Considering what had been written earlier in the book of Ezekiel and the situation in Jerusalem when he was writing this section, what would be God's point in looking to the future and discussing:


a. The measurement, of the temple, its courts, and gates? Ch 40-42




b. The glory of the Lord filling the temple? Ch 43




c. The measuring of the altar and its cleansing? Ch 43




d. The laws for Levites and priests? Ch 44




e. The laws for the prince? Ch 45-46




f. The boundaries of the land and the division of it among Israel? Ch 47-48




  1. Find other references to the faithfulness of the priests, the sons of Zadok, during the time of Israel's unfaithfulness (44:15-16; 48:11).



  1. What is the meaning of the vision of the water flowing from the temple? (47:1-12) Where N.T. passage uses this figure and what is it used to describe?



  1. Where is figure of a city laid out as a square with the names of the tribes of Israel on its gates (48:30-35) measured by a man with a measuring rod (40:3) used in the N.T. and how is it used?




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