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2018 Sermons


December 2018

Joe Stuve--The Sins of a Christian
Joe Stuve--Benefits of Worship
Joe Stuve--Obeying the Gospel
Joe Stuve--Be Fearless
Joe Stuve--Being Led By God

November 2018

Joe Stuve--Who Is Jesus?
Joe Stuve--Fasting
Jim Rice--Modest Dress
Joe Stuve--Why Do We Sin?

October 2018

Phillip Owens Gospel Meeting
Joe Stuve--Aware of the Times
Joe Stuve--Who or What is Satan?
Melvin Monroe--Forgiveness

September 2018

Joe Stuve--The Beasts
Joe Stuve--God's Jealousy
Joe Stuve--Why Did Jesus Empty Himself
Joe Stuve--Jesus Emptied Himself
Joe Stuve--Living in Peace

August 2018

Joe Stuve--Original Sin
Joe Stuve--The Message of the Cross
Joe Stuve--Last Will and Testament
Joe Stuve--Warnings and Consequences

July 2018

Joe Stuve--Something More to Give
Joe Stuve--Evangelism
Joe Stuve--Jacob's Ladder
Joe Stuve--Spiritual Blessings
Joe Baker--The Wrath of God

June 2018

Joe Stuve--Seeing the Unseen
Joe Stuve--Fathers
Joe Stuve--They Don't Know What They Ask
Joe Stuve--Cleave to the Lord

May 2018

Joe Stuve--Where Wisdom is Found
Joe Stuve--Jesus According to John
Joe Stuve--Jesus According to Luke Part 2
Joe Stuve--Jesus According to Luke part 1

April 2018

Joe Stuve--Jesus According to Mark
Joe Stuve--Jesus According to Matthew
Joe Stuve--Fellowship

March 2018

Joe Stuve--Exercise Unto Godliness
Joe Stuve--What Motivates You?
Joe Stuve--The Fruit of the Spirit
Joe Stuve--The Long Way Home

February 2018

Joe Stuve--Why Not Today
Joe Stuve--Procrastination

January 2018

Joe Stuve--Schemes of Satan
Joe Stuve--Why Are You Not Here?
Joe Stuve--Holy Spirit
Joe Stuve--Prayer

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